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    Stoner Cat: Nausea & Cannabis

    I know a lot of people feel CBD strains are the ticket to reducing nausea but for my Crohn’s Disease symptoms and I, mid-to-high THC hybrids tend to help the most. All pot helps though and I love CBD strains, they’re just not the MOST helpful when I’m about to throw up. Everyone is different though! Read more…

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    Last night I celebrated the start of Pride in Ontario, Canada. I watched Drag Queens sing Alanis Morissette and ate tiny sandwiches, in a room full of LGBTQ positivity. Today I woke up to the news of the tragedy in Orlando, Florida. My thoughts are with everyone affected by this tragedy … #LoveIsLove Read more…


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    Cat in The Corn Patch

    This is how my cat feels about the heat wave we’ve been experiencing! Read more…

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    Magick Catnip: June 2016

    To be honest I’m finding my catnip fields a little overwhelming this year. I think the only way I can push all this nip is to start making extracts. Or does anyone know a good way to mail 50 pounds of cat drugs? Actually never mind, I don’t even want to dry that much catnip. It […] Read more…

Food & Drink

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    Sushi, sushi, sushi!

    Got together with friends for a sushi dinner in Toronto. Some of us went vegan, some of us ate pretty much everything that lives in the ocean! Friends and sushi — the two things I miss about Toronto. Read more…

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    Poutine Heaven

    Girl wears weed bandana to pick up poutine, receives triple cheese curd for free. The cheese curd visible here is one of three layers! Read more…


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    What a male cannabis plant looks like

    I know I’ve posted about this topic before but a lot of people still ask me what a male cannabis plant looks like. This is what a male cannabis plant looks like … Don’t worry, I killed this one right after taking this photo. KEEP YOUR POLLEN SACS OUT OF MY GARDEN! Read more…

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    Kief Coconut Oil

    I don’t follow recipes anymore, I just throw whatever I feel like in a pot and cook it for however long I please and it always seems to work out! I’m a witch though … so maybe don’t try this at home. Also, when I say it always seems to work out what I mean is […] Read more…


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    Baby Magic Mushrooms

    This is what baby magic mushrooms look like! Not as cute as they will be soon! I don’t think of magic mushrooms as a recreationally drug. I think of them as something naturally occurring in nature that can help me process traumatic life events and/or help the symptoms of my Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Mushrooms are […] Read more…

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    The magical asparagus forest

    WELCOME! … to the magical asparagus forest … One crop that doesn’t seem bothered by the drought. Read more…


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    The Stoner Girl’s Guide to Geneva

    Geneva is a Canadian artist who just released her first EP titled “Exhale”  — available on URBNET Records here: https://urbnet.bandcamp.com/album/exhale-ep. “With subtle nods to hip hop, electronic and jazz-infused R’n’B, Geneva’s raw songwriting capability and rich, sultry vocals shine over production by Jazzfeezy (T-Minus, Boi-1da) and Burd & Keyz (Kardinal Offishall, Meek Mill, Pusha T). Step into […] Read more…

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    The Stoner Girl’s Guide to Boveda’s Business Development Director, Charles P. Rutherford II

    I was introduced to Boveda‘s products by the lovely Coral Reefer, maybe a year or two ago. Boveda makes a wide array of 2-way humidity control packs, some at 62%, which are specifically designed for medicinal herbs. I’ve been living in the world of Cannabis for over a decade now, so when I see a novel and […] Read more…