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    Stoner Girl Date — Squares!

    I’m a square so instead of going on dates I make date squares … and then I mail a box of them to my Grandmother! Everyone in my family swears by the Chatelaine recipe for date squares, so that is what I used! Read more…

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    Green & Lazy Cannabis Smoothie

    I am a naturally lazy person but right now what I am more than anything is fatigued, exhausted and in the middle of a doozie of a Crohn’s Disease flare-up. I’m hungry but my body seems incapable of handling solid food. My solution? A pre-made green smoothie + probiotic yogurt + cannabis oil = a […] Read more…


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    Clear Rolling Papers & CBD Strains

    Clear rolling papers … I love them … This joint was quickly rolled on my lunch-break at work — with a CBD-only strain. I’ve been finding CBD strains super helpful in terms of my anxiety (OCD/GAD) and Crohn’s Disease symptoms. All these goodies came from a friend as a thank you for cat-sitting! The bag […] Read more…

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    Hey fellow stoners, don’t forget this amazing mini-series is coming to Comedy Central this 4/20! I love you Ilana! Happy (almost) 4/20 everybody!! Read more…


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    Feel The Bern Papers Debuts Unique Way To Support Bernie Sanders

    Yes! Feel The Bern Papers exist and you can purchase some for friends, family and yourself at I live in Canada but even here there are a lot of people talking about Bernie Sanders, with a certain look of optimism on their faces. I think Bernie does care about people and it shows. You’ve seen […] Read more…

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    The Stoner Girl’s Guide to Kristen Williams, Designer

    Kristen Williams is one of the creators of an inspiring eBook called Coming Clean with Cannabis — she is a lifestyle designer / experience creator, intern at Women Grow and all around lovely person dedicated to cannabis education and healthy, happy living! In high school Kristen remembered, believed and supported everything she had learned in […] Read more…