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    Stoner Girl Pocket Problems

    All your pockets look like this too right?   Read more…

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    The Cannabis Kitchen Cookbook

    Added a dope new cookbook to my collection! It is called The Cannabis Kitchen Cookbook and is filled with an impressive array of cannabis infused recipes. There are a bunch of different chefs featured in this cookbook and lots of great information in the intro chapters about the chefs — and cannabis! I think most of my […] Read more…



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    The Stoner Girl’s Guide to royceBIRTH

    royceBIRTH is an emcee hailing from Toronto, Canada. He just released a new album titled Art on Fire!! … You can listen to the album here and check out the video for his single and my interview with him below! OG: So, what have you been up to lately? I’ve been working heavily on promoting the hell […] Read more…

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    The Stoner Girl’s Guide to @Dubcomm

    Ty Dubcomm is one of Toronto’s most stoned and eligible bachelors … and he likes cats!! 😉 I highly recommend checking out my dope interview with him below and finding him on Instagram — @dabbaratus. (Note his cat likes my catnip.) #nationalcatday #meow #catnip #haf #wayne #love #catsofig seriously my cat is crazy high right meow. […] Read more…