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    New on Netflix: October 2015

    Looking for something new to watch? All of these titles will be added to Netflix Canada this October!   Scream Season 1 Available: 10/01/15 Anjelah Johnson: Not Fancy Available: 10/02/15 Hemlock Grove Seasons 1 & 2 … Now Available Season 3 … Available: 10/23/15 Free Willy Available: 10/01/15 The Dark Knight Available: 10/01/15 Gravity Available: 10/11/15 Captain Phillips Available: 10/21/15 Men In […] Read more…

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    Halloween Episodes of Dawson’s Creek on Netflix Canada

    There is something about Dawson Leery that makes me want to start punching people but damn does Dawson’s Creek ever have an impressive list of Halloween episodes. Three episodes!! Which is more than I can say for most television series. In the mood for Halloween episodes of this teen television classic? Check out: Season 1, […] Read more…


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    Magickal uses of Catnip / Echte Katzenminze (Nepeta cataria)

    Catnip has a few magickal uses and they are all good ones! First of all, offer it to your cat to enhance or create a psychic bond between you. Grow it around your house or on your treefort/flat’s balcony — to bring good luck to you and your home. As a herb, Catnip is associated with calming, feminine […] Read more…

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    Magick Catnip Farm: Year 1

    I have harvested wild Catnip for many many moons, mostly from around my barn. Then I decided to become a real Catnip farmer … tilling the soil, planting, weeding, harvesting and drying; using only organic farming techniques. I’m pleased to say my first year as a Catnip farmer went pretty well — and I’m in the best shape of […] Read more…



    Fungi Sunday

    Fall is a fungi time of year! Papa Ganja went on a fungus walk with Phillip Careless yesterday. Phillip has a dragonfly named after him (he discovered it) and works for Ontario Parks out of Peterborough. He says if you want to be scientist with the most to discover you either need to become an astronaut or a […] Read more…

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    Meditation with Ted the Rooster

    Meet Ted the rooster. He is a really good little dude. He’s waiting to make sure none of the hens want that yellow cucumber before he gobbles it up. He always lets them eat first. At the end of the day, if no one has touched the cucumber, it shall be his. When I was […] Read more…


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    The Stoner Girl’s Guide to Bad Psychic

    [ photo] Bad Psychic just put out a 4-way split tape called Party Music with fellow artists Diva 93, Sara Century, and Syko Friend. Learn more about this 4-way tape at Hairy Spider Legs and be sure you check Bad Psychic’s rad new video and our dope interview below! OG: If a five-year-old asked what you do for a living, what would […] Read more…

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    The Stoner Girl’s Guide to Elijah Moore

    Elijah Moore is an up-and-coming Trap/Bass producer and DJ hailing from Boulder, Colorado. Elijah just released the first single off his forthcoming debut EP ‘First Flight’ — out on October 5th. Check out that single ‘Good For You’ and our interview, below! Onya Ganja: So, what have you been up to lately? Elijah Moore: Well most of my […] Read more…