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    Slime mini rig pendants and the skulls

    A dude came into The Glass Forge and said he wanted a slime mini rig that he could wear around his neck. So that happened and then we played around with some slime and bottomed-out skull pendants. I dig the slime and purple together! Oh, also practiced using moulds … not sure how I feel […] Read more…

  • IMG_4797 (1)

    Borosilicate Sperm Pendant — Prototype #4

    This is my fourth try at making a sperm pendant … I know … sperm are kinda gross … they are kinda cute too though right? The glass sperm was made first and was encased by making two hot gathers and pressing them together around the sperm. After which the backing and loop were put […] Read more…


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    “What are dabs?” – Questions my dad asks …

    “What are dabs?” is the question my dad asked me on the phone yesterday and a question I think I should leave to VICE to answer. So what do you think dad? Would you do a dab? *I’ve done dabs and I think VICE’s look at the culture is accurate but there are lots of […] Read more…

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    A few of my medicinal cannabis strains.

    As amazing as many Cannabis strains are. I think I will always need different ones for different things. Sativas for daytime, nausea and appetite, indicas for pain and sleep, and CBD strains to reduce inflammation. My garden is doing pretty well this year and knowing I will have the strains I need is very comforting. […] Read more…


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    Sampo Sauna Kitty

    This past¬†Caturday I had to stop at Sampo Sauna in Toronto. A polite and handsome feline lives at this store front. I wish I could remember his name!! This kitty was a little tough until he smelled the Magick Catnip on my shoes! The owners of Sampo said he arrived one day covered in tar. […] Read more…

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    44th Annual Cat Show at The CNE in Toronto

    I was stuck in Toronto this past Caturday… luckily this happened to be when the 44th Annual Cat Show was on¬†at The Canadian National Exhibition! Here are some highlights from my purrfect morning, with a lot of cats. Sad you missed the show? You could adopt this Tortie cat to console you! Find her and […] Read more…