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    Stoner Girl Valentine’s Day Cookies

    What would Valentine’s Day be without pot leaf shaped sugar cookies? Shout-out to my ex-gf for finding these romantic and festive sprinkles! Read more…

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    Pasta Pig

    I haven’t been blogging about food lately because for the most part I have been eating nothing but giant bowls of pasta and cheese … That is goat cheese and torn up Emmental cheese for the record … said the pasta pig. Read more…


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    10 Reasons I Love Weed

    by: Odessa It creates an unspoken special bond between you and every stoner in the room. It actually makes me look forward to being home alone which means I won’t be poisoning myself in order to socialize comfortably. It turns me into a deranged master chef. (Last week I fancy-plated my cream cheese and peanut butter […] Read more…

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    The Dangers of Marijuana

    I vaped Herringbone (Tweed Inc‘s AK-47) and then had a really long and relaxing bath. No wonder this herb has been illegal for so long … I use cannabis to treat my Crohn’s Disease, and this strain diminishes all of my symptoms. Helps me eat, stops me from shitting my pants in a mall parking lot, and […] Read more…


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    My favorite makeup brushes

    I don’t always wear makeup but when I do I use brushes and other than Sappho, these Eco Tools brushes are my favorite. They feel like a mink is petting you with its tiny mink paws! Read more…

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    The stoner girls guide to getting up in the morning!

    The stoner girls guide to getting up in the morning? Set 17 alarms … and for good measure set one that creates a blinding light source and one that rolls away when you try to hit snooze. Also, have two clocks that tell you different times so you never remember what the truth is! 😉 Read more…


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    The Stoner Girl’s Guide to The Imperfections

    Stevie, Philo and Hilary are The Imperfections — a west coast trio who just released a funk, hip hop, r’n’b’, EDM and rock infused album called Space Trails. Check out the video for their single Galactic Funk and my interview with Stevie and Philo below! OG: So, what have you all been up to lately? P: Working on music, and […] Read more…

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    The Stoner Girl’s Guide to royceBIRTH

    royceBIRTH is an emcee hailing from Toronto, Canada. He just released a new album titled Art on Fire!! … You can listen to the album here and check out the video for his single and my interview with him below! OG: So, what have you been up to lately? I’ve been working heavily on promoting the hell […] Read more…