Stoner Girl Date Night: Vegan Junk Food & A UK Prison Drama


I live in vegan junk food central! Jealous? Disgusted? … Both? My favourite thing about the food was how unhealthy-delicious it was … my favourite thing about “Starred Up” (2014), the lovely prison drama we watched, was the very tender… Continue Reading

4 Ingredients / 20 Minutes: Kief-Laced Vegan & Gluten Free Peanut Butter Marshmallow Mounds

I melted half a bag of vegan chocolate chips … Added 1/2 teaspoon of kief coconut oil (made previously) … Then added the melted chocolate to 1 cup of natural peanut butter … Then added the bag of vegan and gluten-free… Continue Reading

The Stoner Girl’s Guide to LGBTQ Cinema: “Life Partners” (2014)

Life Partners follows an almost-thirty lesbian (Leighton Meester, from Gossip Girl) and her best friend (Gillian Jacobs, from HBO’s Girls). Their bond is challenged by someone new in their lives and the question is whether or not their friendship will survive. …   I didn’t… Continue Reading

The Stoner Girl’s Guide to LGBTQ Cinema: “Appropriate Behavior” (2015)

“For Shirin, being part of a perfect Persian family isn’t easy. Acceptance eludes her from all sides: her family doesn’t know she’s bisexual, and her ex-girlfriend, Maxine, can’t understand why she doesn’t tell them.” Appropriate Behavior (2015) is a witty… Continue Reading

Coming Soon to Netflix Canada: April 2015

 LITTLE NICKY  Available 4/01/15 SEVEN Available 4/01/15 BATMAN Available 4/01/15 BATMAN RETURNS Available 4/01/15 BOYHOOD Available 4/06/15 THE SISTERHOOD OF THE TRAVELING PANTS Available 4/01/15 LETHAL WEAPON  Available 4/01/15 A WALK TO REMEMBER Available 4/01/15 BLOOD DIAMOND Available 4/01/15 Happy Netflixing!